You can apply by sending an email to attaching the following documents:

  • A description of the research project to be undertaken, including a proposed budget (2 pages max, 11 pt. font, excluding references);
  • For the early/young investigator awards: the grant application laboratory form completed;
  • At least one letter of recommendation, of which one must be from your supervisor/host who must be an ESPR/SPR member;
  • A short version curriculum vitae of the applicant(s) including a list of publications (4 pages max); and
  • A letter from an institutional official that includes:
    - Evidence of institutional support (e.g. that basic costs, such as associated salary, administrative support and the use of laboratory/office space are covered).
    - Confirmation not to take any part of the funding for institutional overhead or other indirect costs (see below statement on institutional overhead and indirect costs).
    - Acknowledgment that the ESPR will not be liable (i.e. charged) for any indirect costs (overhead and handling fees) associated with the execution of the work described in the application.

The Research Grant Committee of the ESPR will not consider incomplete applications. Only documents in pdf format will be evaluated. For more information, please contact the Research Project Committee of the ESPR via

The deadline for the submission of applications is midnight Central European Time on August 31st, 2018. Awards will be announced at the subsequent ESPR conference and listed on the ESPR homepage.

Please contact if you have any questions about the process or eligibility.
The ESPR does not take responsibility for accidents or other legal issues occurring during the period a person is benefiting from an ESPR grant.

Institutional overhead and indirect costs:

The awardee may determine best use of the award to support the direct cost of the project. No part of the award may cover institutional overhead or other indirect costs, nor should the awardee be obligated or penalized to pay by substitution such indirect costs by any other means.

By accepting an ESPR Young Investigator Award, the supporting institution agrees not to take any part of the funding for institutional overhead or other indirect costs, and will not obligate or penalize the recipient of an award or a sponsoring research laboratory to pay by substitution such indirect costs by any other means. With the exception of health insurance, no portion of an award may be subject to deductions for discretionary fringe benefits by the sponsoring institution.


Our association management team will be glad to answer your questions and provide more information on the various activities of the association and on membership.
For questions related to membership, please contact us at
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